Travel Tips

Arrange things from the previous day, clean the house neat or return books to the library is the things need to do before moving.

On the departure day, you often rush and hustle, plus in high spirits may not be able to remember everything you need to bring. To have a perfect trip, we should take time to prepare a day before, arranging everything.


Packing and checking

If waiting for the departure day to packing, maybe we will forget many necessary things at home. Therefore, packing in the day before would be an ideal time for you to overcome this case as well as carry on exactly what you want. Let’s pack your clothes and necessary things in suitcases, then cosmetic and bath items. You should also consider what to carry what has baggage weight allowed.


Subscribe weather

Learn about the weather where you are going to is the one of the important things. Knowing the temperature and climate will help you bring the suitable clothes. Ready to face the trip cancellation or delay if bad weather is something you should psychologically prepare.


Clean the house

Let’s do it before traveling. What could be more pleasant when returning after a long trip is a clean and tidy house? Clean the refrigerator before going, remove the expired food, wash dishes, clean the floor, etc. Make sure that all the windows in the house have been carefully bolted, turn off heating, air conditioner. If you foster pet, please send someone to take care of before you leave. Return books to the library in one thing you should keep in mind.


Download necessary things to computer

Please download the needed information for your job, the exciting destinations in upcoming tour to personal computer, telephone at home, when your internet is working fine. The wifi is not always stable where you go.


Bring the chargers

Remember to bring the chargers to energize the camera, cell phone, laptop or music player. There are plenty of people often forgets the charger while traveling and it’s hard to deal with out of battery status.


Call to the bank

The banks may suspect when seeing your account used abroad and will they will temporarily lock it. It happened a lot. For the smooth trip without trouble about money, call your bank to inform them about this trip. The banks may suspect when seeing your account used abroad and will they will temporarily lock it. It happened a lot. For the smooth trip without trouble about money, call your bank to inform them about this trip.


Check the overall

A day before traveling, call the company to make sure your ticket has been booked, no delayed flight and hotel to confirm your reservation. In addition, you should contact with the taxi, baby sitting service at the tourist place, etc. to make sure that the trip will not be encounter any obstacles.



When you travel for several days, you should talk to your friends, relatives and neighbors care for your house, water the plants in front of house or hold the letters from post office.

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Fashion & handmake stuff

There are a lot of T-shirt, beaded handbags, Ao Dai (traditional or renovated style), items made from silk, shoes, slippers etc. showing on the street, store or hotel outlet. In addition, Clothing handmade is quite popular in Vietnam that tourist likes so much so you can have a nice dress, shirt, or handbag following your interests thanks to Vietnamese tailors or hand makers. You can have a tailor for a new dress suitable for you such as Ao Dai that can be made within 2 days (in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, Hue, etc.).

Shopping notes for tourists

Art and handicrafts

Those things could be unique and meaningful souvenirs to give as presents or become decoration at home such as leaf hats (non la), wood-block prints, potteries, brocades, lacquer ware, reed mats, oil and watercolor paintings, blinds made from bamboo, carpets, scarves and leatherwork. Those souvenirs can be bought at shops, markets or other places.


Shopping notes for tourists


Gem and jewelry

The jewelry business is increasing in recent years. Vietnam produces some good gems, but there are plenty of fakes and flawed ones around. We recommend that you should buy gems at prestigious locations and be on the alert with cheap prices.


Shopping notes for tourists


  • To know more places for shopping, you should ask your hotel’s staff or tour guides who know the city well; they can give you many options of shops. Thus, you should ask the best high quality shops which have reasonable prices. In addition, going shopping with tour guides; you can avoid unfortunate circumstances such as scams, getting lost, etc. In case of buying heavy and bulky items, you can ask sellers for a delivery to the place where you stay.
  • Prepare cash to pay if your credit cards don’t work or are not be accepted. Credit cards are used only in supermarket, shopping centers and big shops.
  • Before buying something, you should survey the price and do comparative shopping from other shops, do not get emotional about items in front of sellers because they will not make a discount for you.
  • Try to ignore and not buy from peddlers. If they offer you something, you should not take or do as what they say.
  • Be careful when you cross the major shopping streets.

Passport has a very important role, especially for travel devotees. If you lose it, the procedure is not simple. However, not everyone knows how to ensure their safety passport.

Here are some ways to help you keep your passport smartly and carefully to avoid losing it.


Never send via mail post

If you need to renew your passport, functional agency will ask you to send them the old passport for cancellation. Do not ever put it into the envelope, stamped and send via mail post, go directly submit or use sending service with guarantee receipt, because the post office will have more responsibility for goods being sent. If it gets lost, you will have start again from scratch.


Do not take if it’s not necessary

Once you have ID card, there’s no reason for you to bring your passport when going out if not really necessary. If your bag or purse is stolen which contains passport, it is a big trouble to do it again. Anyway, redo an ID card is simpler than a passport.


Store in a safe place

It will be not safe if you put your passport into underwear, computer desk drawer or jewelry box because that’s the place where a thief will be searched first. Let’s hide it where no one can expect or difficult to access such as safe box.


Photo a copy to keep

If you’re traveling overseas that you lose your passport, you will need a copy (or scan) to be able to return home. Keeping this copy is just as important as the original. If you have an electronic copy, make sure that it has been encrypted in a file on an encrypted disk.


Notify the lost passport immediately

If your passport is lost or misplaced, especially when you are traveling abroad, take notice of your lost passport to the authorities immediately. Do not waste your time to relive in the past.

Source: dulichhanoi